Dotdigital Engagement Cloud may sound somewhat familiar to you if you’ve ever utilized the popular marketing tool, Dotmailer. As it turns out, their similarities don’t end there; Dotdigital is Dotmailer, but reimagined to better encompass all of their features and abilities. 2019 sparked the rebrand, but this company has been around since 2002 assisting customers with email marketing and data integration.

What They Do

Dotdigital Engagement Cloud

Engagement Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing platform that enables companies to create, test and send automated email campaigns. Their “drag and drop” functionality allows you to easily construct any email, and performance data can be tracked immediately after send. Dotdigital technology can also be integrated with key business systems, such as e-commerce platforms (Magento and Shopify) and CRMs (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics), which provides access to insights in real time.

SME’s (Small-to-Medium Enterprises) can maximize returns with email marketing and scale quickly due to dotdigital’s ease of use and flexibility with features. And don’t worry about useless tools, dotdigital allows customer’s complete access to their directory of partners apps, which can be plugged in and changed as needed.


Dotdigital Engagement Cloud CPaaS

Engagement Cloud CPaaS is a secure enterprise cloud communications platform specializing in messaging. This tool allows companies to send messaging through channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, etc. To enable businesses to use the messaging channels without integrations, Engagement Cloud CPaaS provides a wide portfolio of powerful live chat, conversational commerce and broadcasting tools to assist marketers in better engaging their audience.

Engagement Cloud CPaaS has 156-country coverage and 2-way messaging capability; customers can easily have branded SMS conversations with their contacts, using data to personalize the experience.

Our Partnership

InteractOne has partnered with Dotdigital for over two years after being impressed by their smooth integration with Magento 2 and robust abilities as an ESP (Email Service Provider). Email marketing has been known to increase brand loyalty and is one of the best ways to boost revenue, so if you aren’t already leveraging this tool, you should look into it. We routinely recommend them for mid-market and enterprise level customers, and we look forward to continuing our friendship with them in the future.

Check out our other partners or feel free to familiarize yourself with InteractOne’s mission and abilities. If you need assistance with marketing services or Magento development, don’t hesitate to contact us.