What Kind of Social Media Zombie Are You?

In honor of Halloween we found this great infographic, put together by Confused.com. They look at several of the most familiar breeds of social media zombie. Everything from the “check-in zombie,” who can’t go to anywhere without telling their friends; to the “hashtag zombie,” whose posts you can’t read due to their liberal use of numerous #hashtags.

For more, check out the full infographic below; then, in the comments, tell us what types of social media zombie or are, or more importantly the ones you’ve seen in the wild.

Who doesn’t know a Facebook Baby-Obsessed Zombie?
The Baby-Obsessed Zombie
This zombie can’t stop compulsively posting statuses about their child.

Telltale Signs:
Terrifying ultrasound profile photos
Barrage of requests to vote for their baby in creepy infant photo contests
Constant references to child’s sidekick Sophie the Giraffe
Feeds On: The lifeblood of their childless, unmarried friends.

Or better yet the Instagram Foodie Zombie…

The Foodie Zombie
These zombies run in packs and linger around hip food trucks and new gastropubs.
Telltale Signs:
Mindlessly document every meal and beverage
Sits silently in restaurants, entranced by their smartphone
Not satisfied by a meal until it’s liked by at least 5 followers
Feeds On: Double-digit likes on their brunch pics.
Don’t ignore the Pinterest Zombie Bride
The Zombie Bride
This zombie can’t stop pinning over-the-top favor ideas, save-the-date designs, and color palettes.
Telltale Signs:
Covered in chalkboard paint
Armed with a hot glue gun and broken mason jars
Shrieks when they spot a new hair tutorial
Feeds On: Cake tasters and the mediocre nuptials of couples who married before Pinterest.

Ok, Ok…Maybe we’re all a bit guilty of these Social Media no-no’s at some point in our lives but we all know those zombies in our news feeds don’t we?