How Google Makes Ads Better

A new infographic from Google, out as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, covers the process of how the search giant keeps your ads safe. The infographic explains that 134 million ads from 824,000 advertisers were stopped last year, while explaining how parts of the process used; automated systems, Google’s internal expert review and reports from outside the company work together to keep serving up “healthy” and safe ads.

Is the process perfect? No, but last year Google agreed to settle a dispute with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding illegal pharmaceutical ads where Google paid a hefty $500 million fine. The video below is a quick look at how Google shows you the right ad at the right time:

Here is the infographic:


Google wrote a blog post earlier this year about all of these b ad ads and discussed the improvements made to their detection systems. Improvements include search “query watch” which monitors sensitive keywords related to counterfeit goods which also helps them track back to bad sites selling those goods. Google has also created a new “risk model” that scans for particular violations and policies. The updated model is supposed to be more precise in detecting bad advertisers. They even increased their processes for manual reviews which is supposed to make the manual review process more fast. Finally Google implemented a new twenty-four hour response time after receiving complaints.

You can stay up to day on googles best policies so you never accidentally trip up.