The June 2018 Orange Report shows how to re-platform in eCommerce, introduces Magento Commerce (Cloud), and lists ways to turn an abandoned cart into a sale. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of its functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news.


Everything you need to know about eCommerce, digital marketing, and Magento.

An Introduction to Magento Commerce (Cloud)

Magento’s various platforms may sound similar, but they are very different in terms of features and benefits. Read about what sets Magento Commerce (Cloud) apart from the others and see if it’s right for you.

SEO Diagnosis: Why Pages Are Performing Poorly in Search Rankings

Are you frustrated by a decrease in organic traffic to your site? Though a common frustration among eCommerce merchants, its various causes are less often known. Learn more about what could be causing poor search rankings, and how to fix it.

6 Things Merchants Need to Know About Re-Platforming in eCommerce

Making the switch to another platform is not an easy decision. There are many factors to consider before doing so or you could end up over budget, out of time, or in a mess.

Turning Abandoned Cart Issues Into Sales

A common problem merchants of every size have to deal with: abandoned shopping carts. It’s frustrating and it’s losing you money. But what if we told you there are a couple simple solutions you could put in place right now?