The June 2021 Orange Report features our best & most recent blogs and guides on Magento, Big Commerce, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing.

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Introductory Emails for Connecting with New Customers

Sending introductory emails yields around 51% more revenue. Here’s how to capitalize on this new-subscriber momentum.

7 Simple A/B Tests to Improve Your eCommerce Site

A/B Testing is vital to the improvement of your eCommerce site and your business. But what elements should you A/B test? Find out right here.

How Brands Can Build Better Online Customer Relationships

This blog was a hit with our Apparel and Accessories audience but it has some excellent research and takeaways that extend to other industries too. Check it out. 

How to Ensure your Web Store is ADA Compliant

98.1% of eCommerce home pages failed to comply with ADA guidelines. Here’s how to fix your site and avoid potential penalties.