At InteractOne, we’re on the cutting edge of developments in the eCommerce industry. As such, we’re proud to be a certified Magento partner. Recently, Magento has added many new enhancements to their eCommerce platform. Keep reading to learn all about what’s new, how it can benefit your eCommerce business and how we can help you get started today.

What are the new features in Magento?

The new enhancements to the Magento eCommerce platform include greater security and new analytical tools. The following important features have been added:

  • Origin cloaking: This is a mechanism to connect to origin IP that becomes the trusted source for the infrastructure and application access, which allows only valid traffic to come through.
  • Platform TLS: This now provides individual certificates to each merchant.
  • Managed alerts: These now help prevent site performance issues and avoid downtime.
  • Site-wide analysis tool: This offers a holistic view of the health of a merchant’s site, identifies issues and gives recommendations for resolution.
  • Enhanced security scan: This efficiently scans, discovers and reports infection in any eCommerce stores
  • Quality patches: These offer a way for merchants to know which quality patches are available for their version and easily apply them.

Through all of these enhancements, Magento is working to increase site security, lower costs for eCommerce retailers and give customers a better overall shopping experience.

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