Magento UX examples

Magento UX Examples From Top Brands

Customers expect more from the businesses they buy from more than ever before. They want an excellent product. They demand high quality customer service. They need a seamless way to look at products, find out about them, and purchase them. For this reason, in order to compete in any industry whether it be consumables, fine art, or apparel, merchants must invest in creating an unparalleled user experience (UX) on their website. Here are a few Magento UX examples from well-known merchants that have gotten UX right for their customers.

1. Magento UX Examples from Canon Australia

Canon Australia used a highly custom Magento theme to completely revamp the UX on their website. The main improvements were features that they added to the site to create a better pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase experience. One example is the use of bundled products.

To fully utilize the product bundle tool, Canon partnered with other industry brands, allowing customers to purchase kits that would supply them with everything they needed for their photography project. This included products such as cameras and lenses, alongside accessories like tripods and memory cards from other brands.

In addition, Canon Australia utilized Magento’s product finder tool.

While utilizing Magento’s built-in attribute and filter capability, the Canon experience is more tailored and guided because of the careful presentation that allows customers to find what they need. Additionally, the company added product recommendation features that were tailored for specific uses, such as gift recommendations, newly arrived products, and most wanted products.

To enhance the post-purchase experience, Canon Australia added a utility where consumers can print their photos, create photo books, and even save their images to a cloud-based photo storage.

At its core, the website was planned and executed in a way that creates a brand-supporting one-stop shop for photography lovers.

For their cloud-based storage offering, Canon Australia used the Irista photo storage extension and, to allow finance purchasing, they used the Society One extension. Finally, to streamline B2B ordering, reordering, and order management processes, they decided to employ Web Sales Orders, a Magento-developed B2B suite.

2. Magento UX Examples from Virginia Hayward

Virginia Hayward envisioned a labor-saving UX design due to their unique product offering. Partially, the “Build a Hamper” feature is built with the customer in mind. Shoppers can choose a hamper or multiple hamper types, fill them with the products that they want, add branding and custom messaging and ship to one or more locations.

The “Build a Hamper” feature also allows for extra customization through a personalized label options for the hampers. The feature shows a preview option so that customers know they chose the perfect color, font, and format for the label. In addition, a product suggestion tool was created to intelligently suggest how to fill additional hamper space and shows a helpful bar across the top of the screen so customers cans see how much space is available in their basket.
To ensure that the shopping experience is without frustrations, a stock system that operates in real-time reserves products as they are placed in a hamper so that once checkout is reached, no out-of-stock annoyances occur. And when customers do reach checkout, they have the ability to save a hamper for re-ordering at a later date.

3. Magento UX Examples from Absolut Art

In order to make their website as mobile and modern as possible, Absolut created a site featuring a swipe right or left capability.

Users can swipe through art to teach the website their preferences and more quickly find the pieces that they want. To allow for enhanced art finding, the website uses a Multi-Option Filter so that users can intricately filter their wants and needs.

Another goal was to allow customers to become more connected to the art pieces by getting to know the artists. They embedded auto-playing videos about the artist to accomplish this.

Absolut also added a feature to enable users to see what a piece of art would look like in a real room. The interactive Drag and Drop Room Decorator allows users to choose a room that is similar to their home or office and place the piece of art in it, to really get a feel for the size and the impact it would have on the room.
To create a streamlined checkout process, Absolut implemented a better payment platform, integrating Ayden and Klarna. In addition, Absolut opted for a single page checkout to streamline the checkout and to cut down on abandoned carts.

4. Magento UX Examples from the Atlanta Hawks

In order to meet growing sales and site traffic peaks during game time, The NBA Store for the Atlanta Hawks built their new Magento site with the customer in mind. The new site focused heavily on category flexibility, responsive web design, and a mobile-friendly content.

The new site integrated One Step Checkout and the Moneybookers payment gateway to streamline their checkout process.

To addresses navigation issues, the Hawks improved their search functionality with improved product tagging.
To enhance user engagement, the Hawks added social media buttons so customers can easily share their favorite items with their friends and followers.
The customer first approach to design helped the Hawks to see 150% YOY increase in their gross sales.

Get Started on a UX Focused Design of Your Own

The Magento platform offers unbelievable scalability that allows merchants to design with each unique customer in mind. The merchants noted above span multiple verticals with very different customer needs. Magento allows merchants to implement what they need. With Magento, great UX can be achieved out-of-the-box, with extensions, or even with custom code. If done correctly, sites will run at peak performance and delight customers.

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