Marketing Functionality in Magento 2 Enterprise

Marketing Functionality in Magento 2 Enterprise Edition – More Marketing Power!

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition offers many out-of-the-box features for merchants. Notably, the marketing functionality components help streamline the planning and management of new campaigns and product roll outs. Four key features that every Magento Enterprise merchant should be using include content scheduling, customer loyalty programs, automated eMail, and analytics. These capabilities give your marketing team the power tools they need to be successful.

New Content Scheduling

Enterprise enables merchants to set-up, test, and schedule new content, including product updates, categories, and promos. Notably, links to scheduled content can be shared amongst your team to make reviews and approvals easier. Testing your work is simple, since you can preview your changes in the checkout to make sure all promotions are working as they should before they go live. The timeline dashboard provides an overview of all scheduled updates, so your team can easily coordinate and manage new campaigns.

Customer Loyalty

Enterprise offers more opportunities to make your buyers loyal customers. Reward your customers with coupons, rewards points and private sales. Include bulk ordering to make it easier for customers to buy what they need. Encourage your customers to do more than window shop with wish lists and gift registries. You can also provide in-store credits and and gift cards. With these loyalty options available in M2 Enterprise Edition, your customers will be frequent flyers in no time!

Automated eMail

Automated emails are extremely successful when targeting shopping cart abandonment. Enterprise addresses this important functionality by offering customizable automated eMails. Merchants can set up the emails to offer special discounts based on the contents of the cart. There is also an automated email option for wish lists updates. Now you can work on your conversion rates through nudging customers via updates on their favorite items.


Learn how your marketing campaigns are performing while monitoring how your customers are using your site with the Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration. GTM allows you to add tracking tags or code snippets to your  Magento site to measure performance like audience, personalization, retargeting, and search engine marketing. GTM will transfer data to Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce, to show how well your site, products, and promotions are performing.

Need some assistance getting started?

In theory, these out of the box features seem simple to manage. Although, unless you’re the marketing and implementation expert on your team and have loads of time for planning and execution, you may need some assistance. We’ve got years of experience with Magento marketing implementation and can help set up and streamline the technical side of your marketing campaigns.

Contact us today to see how we can help you setup your content scheduling, loyalty program, automated emails or implement Google Tag Manager into your code.