The May 2018 Orange Report compares Magento Commerce and OpenSource, and dives into both automotive eCommerce and the future of voice search. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of its functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news.

Magento 2 Commerce vs Magento 2 OpenSource

Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Open Source are both great platforms for eCommerce businesses. So what’s the difference between them?

Benefits of Automotive Shopping Campaigns for eCommerce

Get ahead in the automotive eCommerce industry by creating a shopping campaign with Product Listing Ads. These 3 tips will make sure your PLA’s are optimized for ROI:

The Challenge of Magento Customization for Automotive eCommerce Websites

Today’s automotive eCommerce market is flooded with competition, adding yet another challenge for businesses trying to stand out from the pack. Read about the online auto industry’s biggest challenges:

Is Voice Search for eCommerce The Next Big Thing In?

“Hey Siri, is voice search the next big thing for eCommerce?” Read why this technology is taking off in the eCommerce industry & how you can capitalize on it: