New Versions of Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce Now Available

Magento released version 2.2 of both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, and it’s filled with speed and security enhancements. Both updates include brand-new bundled extensions, significant enhancements in platform security and developer experience, an upgraded technology stack, pipeline deployment, and performance gains from improvements in various operations. While there are many updates that both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce share, there are many specific features to each. The individual features of each platform can be found below.

The Magento 2.2 updates include:

These are some of the most notable Magento 2.2 updates:

Enhancements in Platform Security and Developer Experience

New security enhancements include the removal of unserialize calls and protection of this functionality to increase resilience against dangerous code execution attacks. There’s also an improved protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

Performance Gains from Additional Enhancements

Customers can now browse and shop on a storefront while indexers are running with no visible impact to their experience. Cart improvements enable a buyer to create a cart with more than 300 line items, and merchants can process a cart with at least 300 line items. Varnish cache configuration now includes saint and grace mode to ensure Varnish is always presenting a cached page to a shop’s customers. Enhancements to cache invalidation logic and optimization of edge side include blocks for frequently changing data that significantly boost cache hit ratios. Each of these enhancements helped result in big performance gains for Magento-run sites.

Contributions from Community Members

The Magento Community Engineering Team has been working with skilled and enthusiastic community members, and together they’ve added hundreds of pull requests to the Magento code base.

What’s New With Magento Open Source 2.2

Magento Open Source 2.2 comes packed with new features that keep Magento at the top level of eCommerce platforms.

Per Magento:

“This release includes hundreds of functional fixes plus a wealth of new features: a bundled extension, upgraded technology stack, performance gains from improvements in indexing, cart, and cache operation, and significant enhancements in platform security and developer experience.”

Here are the Magento Open Source 2.2 updates that will make the biggest ripples:

Upgraded Technology Stack

Magento is no longer supporting PHP 5.6 and Varnish 3. Instead, they are supporting PHP 7.1 Varnish 5, and MySQL 5.7.

Bundled Extensions

The new Magento Social extension allows you to connect your corporate Facebook account with your online store. The extension will then create a page with products from your catalog.

Pipeline Deployment

This new process creates a new way to deploy to production with the minimum possible downtime.

What’s New With Magento Commerce 2.2

Magento Commerce 2.2 has hundreds of new features that take Magento-powered stores to the next level in the eCommerce world. This release includes a B2B Commerce functionality, Magento Commerce starter, improvements to the Magento Commerce (Cloud) deployment process, and an integrated Signifyd fraud protection.

This is in addition to a new bundled extension, upgraded technology stack, performance gains from improvements in indexing, cart, and cache operation, and significant enhancements in platform security and developer experience.

Here are the most noteworthy Magento Commerce 2.2 features:

B2B Commerce Functionality

This new functionality allows companies to create and maintain their own accounts, each with teams of buyers with various roles and levels of permission. It also includes a flexible API that integrates with a variety of ERP solutions from Magento partners.

Magento Commerce (Cloud) Improvements

The release includes new build and deployment variables. This includes ece-tools and ece-patches, that allow for patching your Magento Commerce (Cloud) without requiring a full installation of base code and the patch.

Signifyd Fraud Protection

This new service helps merchants eliminate liability for any losses or fees from fraudulent orders.

Get The Most from Magento

In order to get the most out of your Magento store, we recommend updating to either Magento Commerce 2.2 or Magento Open Source 2.2 as soon as possible.

Both updates are packed with new features that will keep your website ahead of the pack.

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