For this month’s Orange Report, we’re resolving your speed, accessibility and customer care concerns. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of its functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news.

IWD - Address Verification Support

Incorrect customer orders can lead to cancellations and lost revenue. Prevent invalid order addresses with Address Verification Support, which provides address verification at checkout. If customers place an order with an invalid address, the extension will suggest the correct address to the customer in real time.

ExtensionHut - B2B Customer Approval

Need a better way to vet the customers that register to your store? B2B Customer Approval extends the customer registration functionality without affecting the default registration process. The site admin gets an email notification on every registration and can approve one or more customers at the same time, while each customer will get an approval notification.

Pektsekye - Dependent Custom Options

When custom products are just not custom enough – you probably need dependent options. This extension adds a number and field to each option which can be configured so that options show based on the status of a previous option. Note that this extension works for Custom Options only – of simple, configurable and bundle products. It does not work for “Configurable Options” of configurable product and it does not work for “Bundle Options” of bundle product.

Aheadworks - Social Media Login

Having to create an account to complete an order can be frustrating for customers. Social Media Login provides a registration shortcut by allowing customers to login via their social network accounts, making completing an order much easier. The login buttons are available at both the customer login and checkout pages.