November 2019 ORANGE REPORT

For this month’s Orange Report, we’re sharing a few of our best and most recent blogs that speak on all things Magento, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of its functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news.

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Everything you need to know about eCommerce, digital marketing, and Magento.

7 Steps Every Merchant Must Take After Launching a New Website

There are a few seemingly unconventional things we recommend every merchant ensures they get right after building a new website.

Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips to Maximize Q4 Revenue

4th quarter advertising can provide the greatest returns of the whole year. But it also means the competition within the digital space heats up. 

Magento’s Top Shipping Rate Quote Solutions

It is critical for eCommerce sites to leverage rate quoting solutions that provide customers with all the necessary shipping options, quoted at the correct price.

Video: Building Qualified Online Leads with Limited Resources

In this presentation Michael Dennis will show content creators how to utilize limited resources to create lead magnets that will drive more and more hot leads to your business.