Optimize eCommerce for Mobile

In 2019, mobile phone users utilize their devices in many more ways than just communicating with someone on the other end. Today, individuals often also surf the web and shop on the go using mobile devices. This is why it is vital to have an eCommerce website that is completely mobile-friendly. Optimizing your business website for mobile commerce is an absolute necessity if you want to capture the growing number of individuals who use such devices to shop online. Here are some tips on how you can optimize mobile eCommerce as a way of boosting your sales.

Get Rid of Invasive Ads and Pop-Ups

Websites with frequent pop-ups, opt-ins, and ‘special offers’ are a nuisance for users because they inhibit attention to the core tasks of browsing and shopping. It is also important to note that Google considers invasive on-site ads and pop-ups as part of the causes of poor user experience. The implication, in this case, is that Google will most probably ensure that your eCommerce site is not part of the results that appear after a particular search, making it harder for people to find your site. Eliminating invasive ads and pop-ups from your company’s website optimizes it for mobile devices, which increases the potential of realizing more sales.

Prioritize Fast Site Load Times

The last thing that online shoppers want to encounter whenever they visit your eCommerce website is delays due to site loading times. Buyers who experience the frustration of lengthy load times on your website will move on to competitors. If your site loads various pages fast, it will not only encourage existing and potential customers to stay longer, but it will also increase the probability of realizing conversions.

Some of the approaches you can use to improve the load times for your company website include implementation of AMP protocols, optimization of images, use of a caching plugin, and limiting the amount of content on the pages of your site. Remember that the internet is full of online stores and for that reason, individuals who shop using mobile devices will always have options to choose from if your website is not fast enough.

Avoid Bulky Content

While it may be true that online shoppers want to know just about everything about your products and services before making a purchase, it still doesn’t mean that they want too much information. Bulky content that includes way more information than is necessary makes it difficult for mobile users to make a decision about whether or not to buy your product, a significant setback for your enterprise. Strike a balance between too much information and not enough by providing only the  necessary details for online shoppers, as this promotes readability on mobile devices and will eventually improve sales.

Consider Responsiveness and An Attractive Web Design

Investing in mobile eCommerce when your company website is not compatible with mobile devices does not make sense. Compatibility is a necessity if you want your online store to boost your sales. For instance, you may realize that your site looks great on your desktop, but inappropriate for mobile devices for various reasons including difficulties clicking on certain elements, loss of some information, loading challenges, and more. If your website does not meet your expectations and those of your customers when you visit it using your phone, you should consider a redesign to enhance the appeal and responsiveness of that site. Mobile-friendly website designs directly improve user experience, which allow you to extend the reach of your online store.

Redesigning your website to be more mobile-friendly may call for the involvement of an expert, but the investment is worth it because the end result will promote increased sales and  profitability. If you need more information on ideas for optimizing mobile commerce to increase sales, contact us today!