With more managed Magento deployments than any other provider, Rackspace is the long-trusted market leader for Magento hosting on dedicated hardware and in the cloud. Award-winning and powerful infrastructure, Rackspace is a Platinum Hosting Partner for Magento and for InteractOne. Learn More 

Hosting thousands of Magento sites doesn’t guarantee anything, but this depth of experience certainly tips the balance toward Rackspace in terms of security, capability and reliability.

InteractOne steps gingerly through the risky business of recommending hosting services to our Magento eCommerce clients; we don’t partner with every service out there. Rackspace has a track record of highest quality and extremely tight processes that help it earn our trust as well as that of our clients.

The Rackspace support network includes an extensive online knowledge base, API Documentation and product forums. Developers, engineers and administrators can access specific “how-to’s” and configuration tips for different hosting setup problems that can arise.

When selecting a Rackspace platform, merchants are afforded access to the company’s Magento certified server architects who can assist in specifying not only the choice of public cloud, private cloud, dedicated hardware or hybrid, but how your environment will built to deal with your site, your catalog and your traffic. Near-infinite scalability is a hallmark of the RackSpace mix of solutions – an absolute must-have for merchants whose growth could be held back by more restrictive arrangements.

Further capabilities and services from Rackspace include:

  • No downtime guarantee for approved topologies
  • Full Compliance with PCI-DSS standards
  • Automated Magento platform configuration
  • Around the clock support
  • Performance monitoring with automated scaling
  • Optimized hybrid platforms