Does your slow Magento site get you down?

We all know the frustration of receiving the dreaded “blue screen of death” on our computers when running an application.  Most times that error is brought on by inconsistencies in the software or the hardware just isn’t processing the information efficiently.  Equally damaging is when, as a retailer making a footprint on the internet, your site gets hung up as a customer is trying to make a purchase.  The slow Magento response time will cause even the most patient shopper to hit “refresh” numerous times, close the browser and restart, or worse yet- leave the site altogether.

Unfortunately, the problems may only present themselves on your end well after they have been painfully obvious to the consumer- costing you time and sales.  As with any computer or program, software bottlenecks are bound to happen- but ensuring your site runs at peak performance is a paramount concern.

Don’t suffer from an underperforming slow Magento site any longer.

If you are experiencing slow Magento site and performance problems on your Magento eCommerce site, InteractOne can do a complete review of your Hosting, Code, and core systems to evaluate, expose problems and restore speed and functionality to your site.