Streamline Checkout

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Magento

If you own an ecommerce business and your shopping cart isn’t functioning as well as it should be, you’re losing business, period. The truth is that some of the consumers who abandon your shopping cart will come back, but some won’t—these are the ones who left not because something’s burning on the stove, but quite likely, because they became frustrated with something that happened on your website.

According to eMarketer, almost 75% of all online shoppers worldwide abandon a shopping cart before they make a purchase—and some portion of them never come back. The aggregate value of all the products in abandoned carts in 2015 was more than $4 billion, according to Business Insider. To increase sales, you need to determine the problems which lead to cart abandonment and fix them. Following are 7 ways for you to streamline checkout and boost shopping cart conversions:

1. Use breadcrumb navigation

Online shoppers often want to move quickly to another product in the same category or to a different product entirely. Make it easy for them to move around your products pages using breadcrumb navigation, a site feature which shows them how the page they’re on is related to previous pages. For example, if you sell clothing online, and someone is on a page displaying Nike running shoes, the breadcrumb thread (often in the upper left-hand of the page) might be Shoes/Athletic/Running/Nike. Each piece of the breadcrumb thread is clickable, making it as easy as possible for users to move around your site, and that means they’re also more likely to buy.

2. Put customer service within easy reach

If someone’s having a problem, they don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out on their own. Make it easy for them to reach a human being. You could add a chat feature to your site, or you could make it easy on yourself by simply including your phone number on every page of your website. LessEverything tested the effectiveness of doing this and found that simply adding your phone number increases conversion by almost 2%.

3. Include product ratings and reviews  

A study from CompUSA found that 63% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if product pages include user reviews. That just makes sense—people want to know if a product does what it’s supposed to, and if other people had problems which they might encounter if they buy it. One other tip: it takes more time, but make every product description unique and as compelling as possible. Having duplicate content on multiple pages hurts SEO.

4. Don’t make visitors hunt for the add to cart button

You’ll notice that eCommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon make the add to cart button prominent and easy to find, and you should do the same. Make sure the add to cart is surrounded by white space and in a distinct color, like orange, and that the type is in a large, bold font.

5. Add a secondary call to action

Of course, you don’t want anything to detract from the add to cart button, but some of visitors won’t be ready to buy. Give these people a second option, like “save for later.” The mere fact that shoppers have saved a group of products increases the likelihood that they’ll come back and purchase some or all of those products. The next time they visit your site, you can remind them of their saved items and ask if they’re ready to add these to their cart.

6. Let shoppers “edit” their carts

If someone is reviewing their order prior to purchase and changes their mind about one or more items, give them the option of deleting those items or saving them for later. Let’s says someone has added 5 items to their cart, but wants to remove one. If you don’t give them the option to do that, they’ll probably junk the entire order and possibly go to the website of one of your competitors.

7. Let shoppers know all prices upfront  

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is shoppers seeing pricing surprises just before they hit “place order.” If you think hiding shipping charges or taxes will make shoppers more likely to add items to their carts, you’d be right—unfortunately, it also makes them less likely to complete the purchase. Be transparent about all costs, and the true total, as soon as possible in the process.

7 of every 10 of your online shoppers is abandoning your shopping cart – that’s not acceptable.

Hitting the industry benchmark for shopping cart abandonment means that 7 of every 10 of your online shoppers are abandoning your shopping cart – that’s not acceptable. To surpass the industry average, you need to partner with Magento development experts who understand user experience (UX) and know how to create sites that load quickly and are easily adaptable for future changes. To learn more about the ways our Magento ecommerce site design, development and maintenance services can help you optimize your online sales, contact us today.