adwords blunders

Adwords Blunders: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Everyone wants to lower their cost-per-click while raising click-through rate. By implementing these fixes to the 10 most common AdWords mistakes, you will position your campaigns to have a positive impact on your ROI. Here is an overview of common AdWords blunders we typically see when taking on a new account. First, we’ll peer into some campaign settings:

1. You should never mix search with the display.

Keep your mobile searches separate from your desktop/laptop searches.

3.   Separate your mobile and tablets. (see above)

4.   Google Search Network versus Google Partner sites – together or separate?  I tend not to separate them at first, but since performance is easy to monitor and segregate, you need to monitor closely in case your partner efforts fall off.

5.   Locations and Languages. As a rule, I will always separate Canada from the USA. At the very least, don’t assume that an ad should perform equally well in the US and Canada. Try a less forceful approach with our friends to the north.

6.   Take the time to add site links. It will assist your click-through rate in a positive manner.

7.  Set your clicks to manual bidding to start.

8.  Ad rotation is a biggie. First and foremost – run multiple ads and test constantly. So make sure you set your ads to rotate evenly.  Now as we dig into the campaign a bit here’s the biggest pitfall you can avoid – it’s number nine on our list.

9.  Too many keywords per ad group – I usually run one keyword per group and max out at four. Keep your ad groups slim and relevant to your ads – you’ll get a better click-through rate which will result in a better quality score … which lowers your cost-per-click!

10.  If you’re not running negative keywords you’re wasting money.

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