The Top Click-Worthy Magento Extensions of 2017

We put a list together of the top clicked Magento extensions by readers from our 2017 Orange Reports.

Keep scrolling to see the top ten.

10. Product Preview Pro

This extension will enhance your site’s user experience by allowing a customer to preview scaled-up product images from category pages.

9. FMEextensions - Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

Displays photo galleries or lightboxes on category, product and CMS pages. Loads images via AJAX, which does not require page reload. Includes controls for image size and aspect ratio within the extension admin panel.

8. Image Optimizer for Magento 2

In a great example of “truth in advertising,” Apptrian points out that although their image optimization extension makes the task easier, nobody claimed it would be effortless or foolproof! Image Optimizer harnesses well-known command line tools and packages them in a free extension that can handle the jpeg, png and gif formats together in batch files. Read the documentation, make sure your server is configured correctly, use in good health.

7. ShipStation for Magento 2

ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that allows you to create shipping labels for all major carriers.

6. Store Locator for Magento 2

A store locator for some, but B2B shops can use this to show dealer locations, warehouses or any other location-based data.

5. Magedelight - Product PDF Print

It’s easy to forget that our customers are a widely varied group, with preferred shopping modes and habits that don’t always conform. Bottom line: some people like to print out product pages. Also, some merchants may have a need to create a pdf catalog – whether for print or sending via email. This tool provides for QR codes, customer-group display and HTML tags for PDF-only content.

4. Amasty – Special Promotions Pro

Need more pricing and discount flexibility? This extension from Amasty expands Magento’s cart pricing with an array of tools, including the ability to build promotional pricing based on a customer’s number of completed orders and total sales amount..

3. Aitoc – Review Booster

Magento’s default reviews works well,  but is pretty basic: no “verified purchaser” or ability for customers to rate the usefulness of comments.  A strong stream of credible reviews is a proven conversion asset. Review Booster from Aitoc gives broad flexibility to merchants who want to allow their customers to help sell their products.

2. Ordoro

Among its other capabilities, Ordoro makes dropshipping and multi-channel fulfillment more efficient and accountable.  We also like the “kitting” feature, which puts a different twist on Magento’s bundled product type

1. DCKAP - Quick Order

Quick Order extension functions as an enhanced search that enables adding one or multiple items to the cart from the Quick Order pane, without navigating to category or product pages. Customers can enter lists of SKUs and quantities and add to cart all at once. An adequately-sized server, well-organized catalog and speedy content delivery are crucial to make this (or any) search-based tool truly quick.