Unfinished and Abandoned Magento Site Design

Having trouble finishing what you started?

Building an eCommerce website in Magento can seem simple. The basic software and an array of attractive templates are available for free. What could go wrong?  In addition, there are no shortage of freelance designers that assume that because they can create a custom design and piece together code that they can put together a savvy Magento presence.  A developer who has devised a quick-fix to a small problem to the site, may unknowingly cause other problems that can cause the whole site to cascade into disarray.

Why those Unfinished and Abandoned Magento Site Designs happen

Magento is a powerful, but very complex software tool, development and integration cannot be left to chance.  A number of Magento users came to interactOne because the site they had started to build hasn’t been finished or simply doesn’t work- for any number of reasons.   As a long-time Magento Certified Partner, InteractOne has the experience and technical know-how to diagnose and repair problems with your unfinished and abandoned Magento site design, navigation, database, code, search engine visibility, or third-party extensions.   We have worked with all types of Magento code manipulations and have been able to successfully complete projects that were left in varying states of disrepair.

Does this sound familiar?

Issue 1

“We paid a developer thousands of dollars to develop our eCommerce site. Months later, it’s not completed and we can no longer reach them.”

Issue 2

“Our Magento site is complete, but no one on our staff knows how to manage the site.”

Issue 3

“The site build-out has been completed, but we have no idea how to migrate our data from the old site to the new one.”

Issue 4

“Our Magento site design will not work and many components are missing.”

Other situations that may be a cause for your site to sit idle is that a one-time employee who was your eCommerce site leader is no longer with your organization.  Transition of any type can be stressful for any organization, furthering the issue is the fact that your internet sales are contingent upon a smooth transition forward.  InteractOne can partner with your team to conduct in-depth training for your new and existing team members to ensure that your organization continues to receive the full benefit of your Magento eCommerce site.  Training can take place in person, online/webinar or correspondence.

Let interactOne’s Experience get Your Site Back on Track

Regardless of what caused your Magento eCommerce site to go idle, InteractOne’s experienced team of developers can come alongside your company and get you back on track! Let’s get your unfinished and abandoned Magento site design back on track!

Contact interactOne to discuss your distress story and learn more about how we will help.