When you have an eCommerce website, upselling can be an extremely powerful tool. It can bring in extra revenue and increase brand loyalty in a whole new way. We recently wrote an article about upselling apparel and accessories for our InteractOne blog. But how does upselling differ on a vitamin eCommerce site? In addition to bringing in extra revenue, upselling on a vitamin eCommerce site can also enhance patient care. With that in mind, why not try it? Here are the top three ways to upsell on your vitamin eCommerce website.

1. Use “You Also Might Like” algorithms.

Most eCommerce websites use analytics all the time for a reason — because it works! When eCommerce sites use “You Also Might Like” algorithms, they’re simply analyzing the data about what products each customer views or purchases and then serving up similar items as the items “you also might like.”

In terms of a vitamin eCommerce store, here are a couple examples: If a patient views a joint health supplement on your website, it’s a good idea to automatically populate suggested related items for the “You Also Might Like” section. This can include multivitamins or calcium supplements. Or, if a customer is ordering diabetes medications, you can (and should) recommend supplements that can help replenish lost nutrients (such as vitamin B12).

A best practice for this tactic is to show these complementary items on the product page first, then on the shopping cart page and then on the order confirmation page. This gives three separate instances where you can work the magic of upselling.

Your web programmer or development partner can easily add a “You Also Might Like” section that suggests certain products based on customer behavior and preferences. See this example from VitaFusion:

2. Tie in personalization.

Just as you can tailor product recommendations based on previous buying patterns, you can also tailor these recommendations with demographics based personalization. For example, you can give certain recommendations based on age group, geographic location, family status and more. There are certain vitamins that are generally recommended for people in each age group, some vitamins can be more efficacious in certain parts of the country and some vitamins are better for women, men or if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. By obtaining a little personal information about customers and implementing it into your messaging, your vitamin eCommerce store can make tailored recommendations that make sense.

In addition, because vitamins should be consumed regularly (and they’re typically not just a one-off purchase), it’s a good idea to offer a discount for multiples. This not only increases your average sale but also keeps your supply fresh. Here’s an example

3. Focus on solutions, not sales.

Yes, you’re in business to make money, but you won’t make much money at all if your customers don’t find your store useful. That’s why it’s important to keep sales in the back of your mind and patient care in the forefront of your mind.

When you consider your customers’ needs first and foremost, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on how to upsell. Don’t think about suggesting the most expensive products. Instead, think about what will increase the effectiveness of your customers’ vitamin and supplement regimen  and truly improve their health. When you suggest the right vitamins for each specific scenario, your customers receive better care. And, this inevitably leads to extra revenue for your eCommerce business.


When it’s done well, upselling can be a powerful tool to help increase sales and overall profitability for your company, as well as introduce customers to new products. However, it can be difficult to build all of these upselling opportunities into a webstore or CRM system. That’s why we recommend working with a strong development team instead of trying to figure out and implement everything on your own.

At InteractOne, we have years of experience managing upsells. We are a team of certified Magento eCommerce website development specialists who use Magento to keep records of all previous purchases, thus making it easier to find out what each customer wants and then upsell accordingly. Contact us today so we can begin working together.

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