magento product descriptions

Writing product descriptions in Magento can be challenging. With a limited amount of room in the short product description you must entice your target audience while also baiting the search engines. By writing good product descriptions (both long & short) you will encourage customers to sell and search engines to give you a favorable ranking in the search engine results page (SERPS).

To entice your target audience you must get to know them. Think about how you would talk to your customers in person. Why are your customers coming to you?  How would you introduce your products to them?  Most importantly,  what questions are they asking?  By doing your research (analyzing search engine data here would help also)  you will learn that your customers can be classified into segments.  By understanding each customer segment you can write copy that meets their needs, increasing your sales dramatically!

Be loud and proud about your products benefits. Don’t just tell the viewer what the product is.  Instead, tell them why it would benefit them.   Going back to the first step, focus the benefits toward your different customer groups.

Incorporate your SEO keyphrases into the product description.  Use these keyphrases in the image alt tags, product title and in the image descriptions. Remember to review your descriptions. If it  sounds like you are repeating the keyphrases then adjust until it sounds right.

After your products have been on your site for some time, review the products that are converting to sales and attracting traffic. For the ones not seeing success, tweak and adjust product titles, descriptions, images and so forth. You don’t necessarily need to rewrite the whole description. Start with minor changes and track the following changes in sales, traffic and customer perception.

Product descriptions attract traffic to your site and ultimately convince your customers to make purchases.  By taking the time to optimize your product descriptions you can turn a stagnat product into a fast selling mover.