Magento Shopping Cart Optimization

The product pages on the Magento Shopping Cart system are often overlooked and not optimized to their fullest extent. Optimizing them properly for both search engines and human visitors might take some extra time but is well worth the effort. Here are some tips to make your Magento product pages easier for search engines to find as well as more inviting and encouraging for the people shopping them.

Magento’s product pages are pretty well optimized for search engines right out of the box.  Most meta tags are automatically filled given the data you include when loading products into the system.  The key is to fill out as much of the product fields as possible.  This can prove challenging but will pay off in a big way with your products getting found on the web.  The job of search engines is to provide relevant search results for the user. The more product description, images and related information you can provide, the more of a chance you have of getting found.

An often overlooked field is the label field in the image tab. Think of this tab as another place to add keywords that support the title tag and description.  By filling it out,  your image title and alt tags will have unique values instead of using the title tag text that Magento includes by default.

Providing an adequate amount of information not only helps with the search engines but with selling and gaining a loyal consumer base.  Consumers often use the web to find information on the products they want to purchase.  Product descriptions that are complete, point out all the product benefits and features and are supported with multiple images and video that are clear and crisp will not only encourage viewers to buy but to come back, tell their friends and come to rely on you as a the guru in your market.

As you can see, optimizing for search engine robots and human online shoppers are not completely opposite practices.  Making sure that your products pages are geared toward both, you can ensure that your site is found and your products are seen.  More importantly, product page optimization will result in converting your traffic into sales!