social networkingIn their effort to get better exposure for their company online, many companies will anoint the youngest (and obviously most “techy” staff member…) to set up their social networking/online presence.  The amateurs guide to posting your online presence “Playbook” usually developed by those who either have accounts, or know someone that does says that to be a successful online company in 2011 it is essential for your company to have:

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Twitter Account, WITH Tweets
  3. Youtube Channel
  4. Linked In
  5. Blog
  6. and coming soon, the 6th pillar- Google+ (for business)

OK- by that measure you’re successful.  Now what? Most companies make the mistake of turning their message and online brand over to someone are young and seem to have played every PS3 / Xbox 360 game in existence- because they think by that virtue they understand how Social Networking works.  Well, some of that’s true (about 10% of it).  Anyone can set up a Facebook page or upload a YouTube Channel (and become a “viral” celebrity overnight. Watch “Webcam for Seniors 101 below.

To sustain a long-term internet marketing program takes time to establish a strategy that will live past the initial push.  Anyone, given the right circumstances can attract a crowd; light yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn- but after the flames diminish and there’s nothing left, the mob will disburse . Before the first login/password combination are compiled for your company to venture down this path careful consideration needs to be given to:

  1. Study (and possibly rethink) your brand and message
  2. Study your clients then go back to step “1”
  3. Establish and rethink your strategy- is it consistent with “1”
  4. Select the “right” person to establish your presence, not just a logical “able-body”

These are beginning steps to making sure you start off on the right foot for a long-term social networking strategy and not become a flash in the pan.  For this series of blog posts on Social Networking strategies I’ll dive more into ideas for developing a strategy based on segmenting your clients and prospective clients into categories and focusing on them, as well as how you can use Social Networking sites to develop your message and help with your SEO rating (with Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)- EVEN IF NO ONE EVER VISITS those sites. Next Blog in Series: “What are the essential components of  a successful Social Networking Strategy- and using that to drive SEO”