Video SEO Search Optimization

Video is now an intricate part of the web. With 24 hours of video being loaded into YouTube every minute, new video friendly platforms like the iPad & Google TV emerging and search results serving up video your internet marketing strategy should include this ever-expanding medium. If its a bottle of wine, hotel room, RV, electronic gadget, or just about anything, video can show your customers what you are selling close up and personal. So how should you go about promoting video on the internet?

Quality Camcorder or Flip Video: No, you don’t have to go spend an arm and a leg, but a clear steady image goes a lot further that a shaky, blurry one.

Upload to Multiple Video Sites: The more sites you share your video with the better. YouTube, Yahoo Video & AOL Video are great to start with. Remember to always provide a link back to your website. The page it links back should have the video along with keywords that describe that video.

Use keywords In Title: The Title of the video is a huge factor with both search engines listing it as a result and users choosing to view it. Make sure you make the title catchy as well as keyword rich. Also provide engaging keyword rich descriptions of the video as well. If you are able to put a link in the description back to your site in the description, by all means do so!

Embed the Video on Your Site: This is a must. When you embed the video on your site make sure it is titled and the content on the page relates to the video.

Using video as part of your internet marketing strategy is a must in this day and age.  By implementing these simple rules you can be sure that your video and thus your website and products will be found by interested consumers.