SEO and Content

One of the most overlooked aspects of a solid internet marketing plan is content. There are many on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies; however, if your website is missing unique, high quality, user friendly content all your work might be in vain. Good content not only will attract and cause search engine robots to scour your site but helps retain viewers and encourages them to take action and increase conversions (ie. phone call, buy a product, fill  out a form, ect.) .

So what is good content? Good content will establish you as an authoritative expert on your product or service. Good content should focus around the products or service you are trying to sell.  Each industry has keywords and phrases unique to that industry and your pages should only be focused on one or two at the maximum.   Your websites home page text should focus on your general services or product and should be linking out to pages of related content.   Each page should be at least a couple paragraphs in text with images that complement the text. Your pages content should also include links to other related pages making site navigation easier.

eCommerce websites are notorious for lack of  unique content. This is the nature of selling hundreds and thousands of items in which entering unique descriptions is nearly impossible and a would take a significant amount of time. A way to combat this is to create pages describing your best selling items or services. If your selling apples for example, publish pages showing your expertise in the apple field. Write about tasty apples, apple types, any apple related news, how to grow apples, apple recipes,  history of apples, apple events, apple nutrition… get the idea.  Make your website a expert source on the subject.

Creating unique, high quality, user friendly content for your website will go a long way with your SEO efforts. By making yourself an expert or authoritative figure when it comes to your product or service you can ensure that traffic for your website will increase and with it conversions.