The use of mobile devices used for internet search and purchases is on a dramatic rise. Ross Sandler of RBC is predicting mobile searches to rise from its current level 9 % of all searches today to 20% of all internet search queries by 2012 (See Techcrunch).  As our cell phones evolve into more sophisticated portable computers you can be sure that this trend will continue to increase and mobile commerce (m-commerce) will become the norm and a huge percentage of retail sales.  Is your eCommerce business ready for the change?

Enter Magento Mobile. With its full release expected later, it will be the worlds first mobile commerce system. The biggest advantage Magento Mobile has over its competitors is that is doesn’t just rebrand re-theme a merchant’s website for mobile browsers. Instead, a retailer’s product catalog is transformed into a fully-functional, branded, native application.

This app makes for a great shopping experience for the buyer. Load times are fast. Purchases are secure. Navigation is easy and logical. Page functionality is great. Everything online shoppers have come to expect from Magento while shopping from their home computers or laptops can be found in Magento Mobile.

For the seller, the benefits not only include satisfied shoppers but a hassle-free product that fully integrates into their existing Magento store. The full list of Magento Mobile benefits include:

  • Integration with Online Magento Store – The Magento-mobile admin will fully integrate with your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting, and other features.
  • Magento Managed Submissions – Magento will take the worry out of submitting your online store application. The time and complexity of maintaining application standards will be taken care of for a low monthly fee. This lets you focus on selling to your customers instead of dealing with the latest upgrade and/or complicity issues.
  • Build customer Relationships – How better to build customer relationships than through their smartphone? Geo-targeting and the ability to provide users with an immersive native experience are enhanced with Magento Mobile.
  • Manage Multiple Devices – With new mobile devices coming out almost yearly if not monthly (droid, iPad, etc..) managing your storefronts from a single portal will save time and improve efficiencies. Customizing and creating different reports will also be simplified.
  • Fully Customizable – Device oriented features and branded themes can be added and modified with just a few clicks. You can easily and quickly update the colors and layout of your app with the new Magento mobile admin, even after customers have downloaded your app.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Bring the high end experience of a mobile app store to your customers for a low price. By paying for the feature you only want or need saves you money.
      The Age of Mobile eCommerce (m-commerce) is here. Mobile Magento is a great cost-effective way to get a piece of this quickly expanding marketplace and grow your bottom line.