You have looked into using Magento as your eCommerce system and liked what it has to offer.  In fact, you liked it so much you could only find three problems with implementing the system for your business. One, Magento Community Edition was too limiting and had no support. Two, Magento Enterprise offered way too much and was beyond your budget.  Three, these were the only two platforms to choose from.

Enter Magento Professional Edition, the middle ground between the two.  Built on the same platform as the Enterprise edition,  Magento Professional boasts additional features, full product support, and a warranty. Best of all, as your eCommerce store grows, you can easily and fully upgrade into Magento Enterprise.

Magento Professional edition includes additional revenue-generating features not included in Magento Community Edition:

Data Encryption: Supports PA-DSS standards and heavy data encryption and security measures that make this eCommerce system one of the most secure in the market.

Customer Store Credits: Give your customers the option to obtain credits that can be tied to their account. This feature gives customers the convenience of refunding orders for store credit, redeeming gift cards for store credit and using their credits to purchase items during checkout.

Gift Cards/Certificates: Give your customers the ability to purchase physical and virtual gift certificates/cards.  Physical cards will be mailed to recipient and gift card code will be emailed to the recipient. Gift cards/certificates can be personalized with used to make purchases at your store.

Reward Points System: Encourage your customers’ loyalty and purchases with a Reward Points system.  Customers accumulate points based on configurable exchange rates for purchases and promotions, as well as customer actions such as submitting ratings and reviews, signing up for the newsletter and more.

Magento Professional addition is a great option for those businesses looking to make a serious step into the world of eCommerce but doesn’t have the inventory, budget, or customer base to justify using the Magento Enterprise system. If you would like to learn how Magento Professional Edition fits into your business strategy contact InteractOne for a free consultation.