Magento Imagine

We’re goin’ to Vegas Baby!

InteractOne is excited to be attending Magento Imagine Commerce 2016! Magento started the Magento Imagine conference with the goal of bringing together the entire community to celebrate, learn and inspire one another. Magento enthusiasts, merchants, agencies and technology providers from around the world come together in one place to celebrate Magento. What could be more Magento magical than that?

What we are looking forward to this year at Magento Imagine 2016

There’s the keynote speaker Magic Johnson to start. We look forward to hearing how Johnson’s business approach took him from a star on the basketball court to a star in business with his multi-million dollar company, Magic Johnson Enterprises.

We also look forward to hearing what’s new from the big guys at Magento like Mark Lavelle and Steve Yankovich. There’s always a new announcement that keeps everyone talking. Wonder what they’ve got in store for us this year?

Without a doubt, what we look forward to most is meeting with YOU! With so many new changes happening in Magento, a lot of merchants are wondering how this will affect their business. Magento 2 is live and real; should you consider upgrading? If so, when? Do you have questions and need answers? We’re hearing a lot of good questions from the community:

  • We’re running on M1, should we upgrade to M2 now?
  • How do we get our site ready to migrate to M2?
  • What are the differences between Community M2 and Enterprise M2?
  • How do I save my SEO rankings with this change?
  • How do I improve conversion with M2?

We would love to meet up with you to answer your questions and listen to your ideas. Our CEO Brian Dwyer, and our Magento Solutions Advocate, Dustin Clark will be rubbing elbows with our friends at Zerolag at booth 413. Stop by to learn more about one of our favorite hosting partners and to meet with Brian or Dustin with your M2 questions.

If you’re interested in setting up a one-on-one meeting, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. Brian and Dustin are happy to schedule a quick meet up anywhere, a hallway, the pool, how about one of the many food and beverage stations? You name it, we’ll be there.

Look for Dustin, we don’t think you’ll be able to miss him.

magento imagine

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We look forward to seeing you at Magento Imagine Commerce 2016!