For this month’s Orange Report, we’ve gathered some Magento 2 news and extensions worth talking about. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of it’s functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news. So we have created the monthly Orange Report to keep ourselves up to date and to recognize some of our favorite Magento news and extensions.

BluePay Connect for Magento

BluePay Connect for Magento is an iframe-based secure payment processing solution
that keeps clients’ confidential credit/debit card and ACH/eCheck information secure.

Has your Magento 1 Site Morphed Into a Frankenapp?

Starting to feel like your Magento site has turned into a monster that’s difficult to
control? Magento 2 is an opportunity to clear the slate and rebuild your site for success.

'Others Also Bought'... for Magento 2

This free extension replaces the default Related Products block with an automatically generated product list based on customers order history.

Order Management Extension for Magento 2

Increase your business efficiency with Improved Magento order management workflows and additional order management features. Manage order info, improve order accuracy and streamline B2C transactions.

Subscription Management Made Simple

The Subscribe Pro platform is the most feature rich stable subscription (autoship) profile management tool we’ve ever used and now it’s available for Magento 2.

Upgrading PHP v5.5 to v5.6

Many Magento 1.x websites will be experiencing issues when upgrading PHP to version 5.6. Learn more about a few simple fixes to help your Magento 1.x site run on PHP 5.6.