Using Social Media

For most businesses the benefits of using social media like twitter, facebook or a blog are very real. These platforms and can yield positive results for not only SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) rankings but for customer engagement and satisfaction as well. The key to using social media in a beneficial way for your business is simply that: using it.

For your business to effectively use Twitter and facebook you must be actively engaging with customers who reach out to you using these platforms. Setting it and forgetting it is a big mistake many company’s make. In fact if you plan to do that you are probably better off not venturing into the social media realm at all. Forgotten facebook pages can fill with spam, steal SERPS ranking (thus visitors). While Forgotten blogs and twitter accounts will not necessarily fill with spam they can steal SERPS and prove to be a hurdle between you in your customers.

On the other side of the spectrum properly using social media platforms can greatly improve your image and customer relationships. They can actively drive traffic to your site and significantly increase the number of loyal returning visitors.

How do you use social media platforms like facebook, twitter or a blog? The short answer is once a day for at least for 15 minutes. Really, that’s all it takes! Of course, the longer you spend the better but 15 minutes is a great start. Respond to questions, post/tweet company news, share interesting industry related articles, share related online pictures and video and more. The key is to do it on a regular basis.

So remember, if your thinking of using social media to drive traffic to your site, increase your customer interaction or satisfaction be sure to be an active user. Doing otherwise will do more harm than good.