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Magento plug-ins are one of the many reasons to consider a Magento shopping cart for your business’ eCommerce platform. These plug-ins or extensions provide a level of usability and functionality not matched by other shopping cart systems. There are plug-ins to make Magento faster, improve SEO, track email campaigns, improve website search and much more. Here are a few that are not only free but effective, a must for any Magento shopping cart.

Fooman Speedster – This extension takes all JS (JavaScript) and CSS (cascading style sheets) and combines, compresses and caches it, significantly speeding up Magento. It is relatively easy to install and, with speed becoming more important for both web users and search engines, this is one Magento extension not to ignore.

Lazzymonks Twitter – Including social media with marketing efforts is a must today. Lazzymonks Twitter extension allows easy integration of Twitter into Magento. It displays Twitter feeds in your menu and allows you to update your Twitter status from the admin panel.

MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting – Using email as part of your marketing strategy? MailChimp simplifies measurement of ROI. This Magento extension takes away all the compiling and processing of excel spreadsheets and simplifies it into easy-to-read graphs and charts. It measures email clicks and follows them until a purchase is completed!

Canonical URL’s for Magento – This extension protects your content from duplicate content penalties. By inserting the link rel=”canonical” to the head of all your magento pages you can ensure that your site gets credit for the unique content it provides.

There you have it; some free advice about free Magento extensions & plug-ins from InteractOne, a certified Enterprise-level provider of Magento. For a full list, please visit here .  If you have any Magento extensions you feel should be listed, or any questions about installation, feel free to share your comments below.