Why Choose Magento?Released to the public March 31, 2008 Magento has revolutionized the way business is conducted online. The front-end (what the customer sees) is user friendly, eye-appealing, fast, & secure. The back-end (the seller admin panel) is easy to use, has built in intuitive functions (taxes, product quantity, shipping, payments,  ect), is secure, and is  easily upgraded & configured to the needs of the business. See Magento Features.

Today you are more than likely using Mageno if you shop on the internet. Many large retailers and businesses using Magento for their Internet presence such as 3M, The North Face, Stussy, Samsung, & homemedics just to name a few. The reason for this is simple, it is a versatile complete package that is a true asset to any online business.  You can see this flexibility when visiting different sites that use the Magento platform.  Some don’t look anything alike! The only thing in common are their functionality and ease of use.

Here at InteractOne we realized the magnitude of what such a system could have on the e-commerce world and adopted Magento shortly after its release.  We have many custom Magento Designs under our belts and even a few Magento fixes from clients who unfortunately got taken advantage by an adolescent developer.

If you have any experience with Magento based eCommerce sites please feel free to link to them in the comments section and tell us your experience with the system. If you are interested in how Magento can successfully be integrated into your business model please fill out the contact form on the right and a InteractOne representative will contact you shortly.