At InteractOne, we hear this question pretty frequently from frustrated business owners who have previously spent thousands of dollars building websites without knowing where their customers are online. Without this knowledge, targeting customers is virtually impossible. Just as you wouldn’t drive to a new vacation spot without your GPS, you shouldn’t develop a website by blundering about and hoping that you get there eventually. Fortunately, knowing how to find customers online is something that InteractOne excels at doing.  

“If you build it, he will come.” – Shoeless Joe Jackson, Field of Dreams. While the quote may apply to mystically-inspired baseball fields being constructed in Iowa corn fields, it doesn’t necessarily apply to your website. There are approximately 4.71 billion indexed web pages ( This doesn’t include the non-indexed pages that the search engines can’t reach. That’s why the professionals at InteractOne specialize in helping companies identify and find their customers and learn about their behavior before building a new website.

Finding Your Customers – A Focused Strategy

Just like detectives, the experienced team at InteractOne engages in a fact finding mission before beginning work on a website. We identify the answers to the questions of “Who, What, Where, How, and When” and then we custom build our marketing campaigns around those answers. By leveraging our expertise and the relevant data, we can efficiently target and reach the ideal markets for your products or services. The end result of all this work? We build websites that see a significantly higher return on investment via sales conversions and increased site visits, not to mention increased brand awareness than sites without a targeted audience and strategy. At InteractOne, we know how to find your ideal customers and get them to your site.

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