eCommerce Marketing List

eCommerce is much more than just getting people to your site. While traffic is unarguably an important aspect to internet marketing, getting viewers to purchase from your store is equally important. Here is a list of 10 basic features* your store should encompass to encourage viewers to not only make a purchase but engage in a long-lasting relationship with your store. (*Gartner)

1) Product information should be easy to read, detailed, and promote the best features of the item.

2) Your return policy should be clearly marked, easy to find and interpret.

3) Every page of your website should load quickly. This includes not only the main pages but every page a customer engages through checkout.

4) Product reviews from other customers should be displayed with every item. Product reviews really set eCommerce stores apart from their brick and mortar cousins. Leverage this difference and include product reviews throughout your store to encourage and reassure customers while they shop.

5) Multiple product images or  3d rotators should company every product. Customers like to know what they are buying and clear multiple or 3d images of products do just that.

6) If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video must be priceless.Video of your products included in the description is marketing gold. Viewers feel more connected to video and better informed. Video also offers other marketing venues such as YouTube, video search and more.

7) Online Chat assistance is a great way to bridge the personal connection gap that plague online retailers. Nothing is more reassuring to the customer than knowing that help from a real live person is only a mouse-click away.

8 ) Related products should be displayed with every item. This not only helps you increase sales but helps fill the need for the shopper.

9) Easy and quick checkout is a must. Laborious and slow checkout systems are the culprit for many abandoned shopping carts. Minimize the risk and maximize your customer satisfaction with  a one page checkout system or similar system.

10) Many shoppers don’t want to sign up to your eCommerece system. Cater to these customers by allowing them to make purchases a a guest. If you make them happy with the first purchase they might come back, sign up, and become lifelong customers.

Implementing these listed features  will put you on the the right track to increase customer retention, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. If your eCommerce shopping cart is falling short of this list please contact us to learn more on how InteractOne can get you back on track.